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Who are we? Why do we have a website? Why should you care? These are all valid questions. Hopefully, this biography of the band followed by each member’s personal information can give you a better idea of who we are and what we are all about.

Blue2Noise – Biography


Indie-pop is alive and well in New York City, as Blue2Noise attests to with their latest record, Shapes and Lines. With a record aptly named for its fluid sound and diverse energy, the band returns from its brief hiatus to follow up its power-pop debut with an impressive collection of mature, carefully-crafted, and sometimes moody pop songs.


Veterans of the NYC indie-pop scene for most of the last decade, Blue2Noise have written well over 100 songs as a traditional two-guitar, bass-and-drums four-piece, and have recorded and released nearly thirty-five of those to comprise its recording catalog of singles, ep’s, and their self-titled benchmark full-length record. This wealth of recording studio experience has been paramount in having developing their craft as songwriters as well as performers.


The band’s latest effort invokes the more careful spirit of a variety of well-known contemporary bands, including Yo La Tengo, Radiohead and Coldplay, while referencing the moodiness of the Cure, yet remaining distinct from these Anglo influences with its sound.


Blue2Noise’s history includes nearly 65 live shows as a NYC downtown club fixture, becoming a frequent staple at Brownie’s and CBGB’s, and being a featured act at such high-profile venues as the Limelight and the Mercury Lounge. Extensive college radio rotation on tri-state airwaves helped bolster attention to Blue2Noise, helping them land much-coveted seats at NY-based festivals, including the Long Island Music Festival, the NYU Music Festival, the New Music Seminar and CMJ Music Marathon. Continued exposure on MTV programs and serving practically as a soundtrack for ESPN’s Planet X have garnered the band a multi-media presence strong enough to earn them runner up showing in MTV’s Beach House Band Search.


Shapes and Lines’ sixteen tracks take the listener on a pop journey that covers ground not heard before during the band’s tenure on New York’s club scene. From the instrumental groundwork that opener “Noise” lays down, to the bright pop of “Out of Time” and “In the Middle,” the brooding jangle-pop nostalgia of “Spinaround” and “Winter,” the quirky fatalism of “Pontiac Crash,” and the moody meditation of “My Masterpiece,” Blue2Noise runs the gamut of being challenging yet satisfying.


With such an ambitious collage of reflective songs assembled as a single artistic statement, Blue2Noise are currently rehearsing to further tighten the energy of their memorable live performances and to continue to strengthen their status as one of NYC’s most important working bands.


Rob Sprance
Vocals, Guitars, Keys
Born: February 24
Favorite Bands: The Cure, The Beatles, Catherine Wheel, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Counting Crows
Least Favorite Bands: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cranberrries
Favorite Movie: The Graduate, anything by Woody Allen
Favorite Book: The Stand – Stephen King
Favorite Food: Lobster, Pasta
Favorite Hobbies: Movies and Music, Hockey, Computers
Biggest Vice: Nail biting
Favorite Blue Song: “Crabcake”, “My Masterpiece”
Kenny Parra
Vocals, Bass, Keys
Born: November 16
Favorite Bands: Smiths, Cure, Catherine Wheel, Radiohead, Soda Stereo, Fito Paez, the Pixies, the Beatles, and Jane’s Addiction
Least Favorite Bands: Almost all new bands like Matchbox, Blink, Vertical, Creed etc.
Favorite Movie: The Godfather, The Breakfast Club
Favorite Book: Prozac Nation – Elizabeth Wurtzel
Favorite Food: Everything that doesn’t have cheese in it or veggies
Favorite Hobbies:Writing, listening to music, watching movies, and surf on the net
Biggest Vice: hhhmmmm…next question…
Favorite Blue Song: ‘Shipbuilders and Tornados’ and ‘Willy Wonka’
Fred Martens
Guitars, Vocals
Born: September 28
Favorite Bands: i’ll need a few pages to list them
Least Favorite Bands: The Strokes (…come ON already…)Favorite Movie: Spinal Tap
Favorite Book: blue2noise recording journal
Favorite Food: muck muck
Favorite Hobbies: food & drink
Biggest Vice: food & drink
Favorite Blue Song: Crabcake – pure pop!!! 🙂
Al Higuera
Drums, Vocals
Born: July 15th
Favorite Bands: Radiohead, Jawbox, Cure, Smashing Pumpkins, Motley Crue.
Iron Maiden, Dave Weckl, Spyro Gyra, Metallica, Ginger Moon, Kats Blak..etc.!
Least Favorite Bands: Sunny Day Real Estate,Matthew Sweet, Euro
Favorite Movie: Blazing Saddles
Favorite Book: Principles in Surface Chemistry and Colloids
Favorite Food: White Castles and Seafood Salad
Favorite Hobbies: cars and computers
Biggest Vice: listening to K-Rock…the worst station in the world!
Favorite Blue Song: This Is Where the break begins!..hmm…Think Again?

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