songography The Blue2Noise Songography
A log of all songs written by the band

The following is a list of songs written by Blue over the course of their time together as a band. The legend explains the how far the song was taken over the course of the years. You can also check this page often during the recording of our new record to see exactly where we are in each song’s development.

Blue2Noise Song Listing
Song Title  Progress of Song
Emmanuelle Performed Live
Afraid “Shapes and Lines” (TB004)
A Happier Place Scrapped
Floater “Shapes and Lines” (TB004)
Gravity Pulls “Shapes and Lines” (TB004)
Stuck In A Moment “Shapes and Lines” (TB004)
In The Middle “Shapes and Lines” (TB004)
Winter “Shapes and Lines” (TB004)
My Masterpiece “Shapes and Lines” (TB004)
Pontiac Crash “Shapes and Lines” (TB004)
Spinaround “Shapes and Lines” (TB004)
Seamless “Shapes and Lines” (TB004)
Out Of Time “Shapes and Lines” (TB004)
Portrait of Lilliana “Shapes and Lines” (TB004)
Smile “Shapes and Lines” (TB004)
Believe “Shapes and Lines” (TB004)
All About You
“Crayon” Six Song EP (TB001)
“Blue” CD (TB003)
Performed Live
Biscuits & Gravy
Performed Live
By The Book
Performed Live
Performed Live
“Crayon” 4 song demo cassette
“Blue” CD (TB003)
December Eighth
“Blue” CD (TB003)
Performed Live
Performed Live
“Blue” CD (TB003)
Performed Live
Performed Live
Imagination Swim
“Blue” CD (TB003)
It Takes Time
“Crayon” 4 song demo cassette
Joannie Loves Chachi
Performed Live
Judas (By My Side)
“Crayon” Six Song EP (TB001)
Lo-Fi Drone
Performed Live
Love/Hate Relationship
Performed Live
Maria Has A Virus “Blue” CD (TB003)
My Friend Andy “Blue” CD (TB003)
Out Of Tune “Out Of Tune” 7″ Single (TB002)
Overdose “Blue” CD (TB003)
Picture of Fantasy “Crayon” Six Song EP (TB001)
Pontiac Crash “Shapes and Lines” (TB004)
Shipbuilders and Tornados “Blue” CD (TB003)
Shy Performed Live
Sidewalk Performed Live
Simpleton “Blue” CD (TB003)
Smiles “Shapes and Lines” (TB004)
So Painful Performed Live
Speaking From The Bed Performed Live
Strange Performed Live
Stupid “Out Of Tune” 7″ Single (TB002)
Sweet Surprise Performed Live
The Legend Of Brian Krakow Unfinished from Blue CD Sessions
The Other “Blue” CD (TB003)
This Is Where The Break Begins Performed Live
Today Again “Shapes and Lines” (TB004)
Tom Jones Blues Explosion Performed Live
What You Do “Crayon” Six Song EP (TB001)
Willy Wonkas Radio Song Performed Live
Womb “Crayon” Six Song EP (TB001)
Writings “Crayon” 4 song demo cassette
Your Side “Crayon” Six Song EP (TB001)

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